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Announcing New Website

Check out our website now at Loci Controls. Thanks for your interest! Advertisements

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How does landfill gas to energy work?

Press start for a quick tutorial:

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Properties of Landfill Gas, Part 2

In the last post we looked at the basic composition of landfill gas.  Now let’s use that information to calculate the density.  The density of a gas is a critical factor when measuring its flow rate.  Density is mass divided … Continue reading

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Properties of Landfill Gas, Part 1

  I recently set about designing a flow meter for landfill gas (LFG).  My search for a good online reference about LFG was futile, so I decided to create one myself.  This article and the next several in this series … Continue reading

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Landfill Gas to Energy..why isn’t everyone doing it?!

 Landfill Gas to Energy (LFGTE) projects seem like a very logical one to pursue..take a waste material and turn it into energy, then sell it for money.  However, one of the major concerns that is holding back many landfill from … Continue reading

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